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Find the Best Mattresses in Phoenix, AZ

You spending a third of your life sleeping, so take the time to find the right mattress. There are many options in today’s market, and getting a quality mattress at a reasonable price has never been easier. We researched the best mattress stores in Phoenix so you can feel confident in your purchase.

Compare Top Mattresses

Saatva Mattress
Overall satisfaction rating
  • Best-priced luxury mattress
  • Lumbar support enhancement
  • Eco-friendly materials
  • Individually wrapped comfort coils

The Ultimate in Comfort and Luxury

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Luma Sleep
  • 3 and 4 layer mattress systems
  • Back support, pressure relief, spinal alignment
  • 100 night in-home trial
  • Latex mattresses

Offers latex and foam mattresses in four styles. Prices start at $795. Includes a 100-night trial, 10- to 15-year warranties and free delivery. Other sleep products available, including beds and bedding.

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Select Comfort - Sleep Number
Overall satisfaction rating
  • Dual comfort adjustability on both sides
  • SleepIQ® technology tracks how you sleep
  • FlexFit™ adjustable base
  • Pressure-relieving comfort layers

Specializes in mattresses with customizable support. Queen-size mattresses start at $1,099. Offers financing to approved customers. Includes a 100-day return policy and a 15-year warranty.

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Overall satisfaction rating
  • Stays cool, disperses body heat and allows airflow
  • Adapts to your pressure points
  • Hypoallergenic, non-toxic, durable
  • Made in the USA

Offers three models of mattress. Products are made out of foam and Purple’s proprietary grid. Mattresses start at $699 and come with a 100-night trial and a 10-year warranty. Free shipping and returns.

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Overall satisfaction rating
  • 4 layers of premium foam
  • Zoned Support™ helps shoulders, hips stay aligned
  • High airflow for breathability
  • All-foam or foam & spring hybrid mattresses

Offers foam and hybrid mattresses. Offers 100-night trials, 10-year warranties, and free shipping and returns. Queen mattresses range from $1,095 to $2,695. Sells bed frames and other products.

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Overall satisfaction rating
  • 365-night, risk-free trial
  • Works with all bed frames
  • Forever warranty
  • Certified, flexible, non-toxic foam

Sells three models of memory foam mattresses and three hybrid mattresses. Prices start at $699 for a queen. Offers 365-night, in-home trial. Lifetime warranty. Available online only. Bedding, frames and furniture available.

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How to choose a mattress in Phoenix


When looking for the right mattress, it helps to understand your options. Firmness and style play a substantial role in how comfortable a mattress is. No mattress is perfect for everyone, so knowing your sleep style and preferences narrows your choices.

Mattress companies typically classify their products as soft, medium-firm and firm, and each offers different benefits and may be suited for different types of sleepers.

  • Soft mattresses are often best for side sleepers. These mattresses allow you to sink in, which cushions pressure points on your body and provides full support.
  • Medium-firm mattresses are usually best for back sleepers because they provide proper support to keep people’s spines in healthy alignment while sleeping. These mattresses also make good compromises for combination sleepers who change position during the night.
  • Firm mattresses are usually the best for stomach sleepers, letting them sleep on top of the mattress instead of sinking in and sleeping with a curved spine.

A common misconception many Phoenix residents have is that firm mattresses are the best for alleviating back pain. The best mattress for relieving back pain depends on what’s most comfortable for you and provides enough support to keep your spine correctly aligned. When shopping for mattresses, test each option to get an idea of its firmness level.

There are also many different mattress types on the market, and it’s useful to know the differences before you begin shopping.

Mattress types in Phoenix

Mattress Type Description
Innerspring/coil mattress Innerspring or coil mattresses are made with steel springs varying in size, shape and number. The firmness of the coils provides extra support for weight on the mattress. This is a traditional option known for its affordability. On average, a queen-size innerspring mattress costs $950.
Memory foam mattress Memory foam mattresses mold to your body, providing extra cushion and support. Some memory foam mattresses are infused with gel to counteract the foam’s natural heat retention properties and ensure you stay cool during the night. Memory foam also helps relieve aches and pains. On average, a queen-size memory foam mattress costs $900.
Latex mattress Latex mattresses are similar to memory foam mattresses but provide slightly less cushioning and more of a traditional springy feel. Latex mattresses are made of natural materials. Latex reduces allergens and is an excellent option for people who want a mattress that resists dust mites and mold. On average, a queen-size latex mattress costs $2,000.
Hybrid mattress Hybrid mattresses have layers of memory foam or latex paired with an innerspring support system. Companies construct their hybrid mattresses differently, so research a brand’s particular structure to determine how it will work for you. On average, a queen-size hybrid mattress costs $1,650.

Bed in a box vs. in-store mattresses

Online mattress companies are popular with many Phoenix residents for the convenience and cost savings they offer. These bed-in-a-box stores sell mattresses, usually made of memory foam or latex, compressed into a box about the size of a minifridge and shipped directly to your door. The mattress gradually expands after you unpack it.

Burying from a mattress-in-a-box company lets you compare products from home and eliminates what could be a long process of visiting brick-and-mortar stores. Online mattress companies generally only sell their own brand, however, and may have limited styles available.

One of the most significant differences between buying a mattress online and buying in a store is the ability to test it. Phoenix residents who test a mattress before purchasing it are usually more satisfied with their purchase. Storefront locations also have salespeople who can answer any questions you have.

What is the average mattress price in Phoenix?

The average cost for a queen-size mattress in Phoenix is around $1,000, but prices vary from $250 for a budget twin-size innerspring mattress to more than $5,000 for a king-size luxury mattress.

You may face additional costs when purchasing a mattress, including shipping, returns and purchasing a box spring or foundation. Most new mattresses don’t require a box spring if you use a platform bed, but if you use a frame that does not provide adequate support, prepare to spend an extra $75 to $150 for a foundation.

Mattress disposal in Phoenix

Many Phoenix mattress stores offer free mattress removal on delivery, but others may charge a fee of up to $150 to dispose of your old mattress. You’ll also need to dispose of your old mattress if you purchased a new one from a bed-in-a-box company.

The City of Phoenix Public Works Department provides bulk collection services four times a year, collecting up to 20 cubic yards of waste per residence. Use the department’s interactive collection schedule to find your bulk trash collection day. You can also drop off your mattress at one of the city’s transfer stations for recycling.

How to buy a mattress in Phoenix

When searching for mattresses, you should consider customer reviews, warranties and return policies. If you are unsure of what you want in a mattress, reading customer reviews help narrow down your options and confirm what you want — or don’t want — in a mattress.

It’s essential to understand warranties, return policies and trial periods to ensure you’re satisfied with your mattress. Most companies offer warranties ranging from 10 to 25 years. Return policies vary, and some companies may charge restocking or pickup fees.

Many companies also offer a trial period of 100 days or more, during which you can return your mattress for free. Take advantage of your trial period if you’re not happy with your mattress. Finding the right mattress positively impacts multiple areas of your life, and you shouldn’t settle for one that isn’t comfortable for you.

Mattresses Reviews

Saatva Mattress

Saatva mattresses are designed to feel like sleeping in a luxury hotel. The company’s mattresses are available in soft, medium-firm or firm, and Saatva provides a 120-night trial, free delivery and free mattress removal. The company uses eco-friendly materials when constructing the mattresses. Phoenix customers appreciate Saatva’s excellent customer service.

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Luma Sleep

Luma Sleep designs its mattresses to provide balanced pressure, spinal support, temperature moderation and limited motion. The company offers a 100-day risk-free trial, a 10-year warranty and free shipping and returns. Many reviews from Phoenix recommend Luma mattresses for how comfortable they are.

Luma Sleep

Select Comfort - Sleep Number

Sleep Number sells highly adjustable air mattresses that can be set with different firmness levels on separate sides of the bed. The company sells multiple series of mattresses to fit a variety of price points, and every mattress comes with a 25-year limited warranty. Customers in Phoenix praise the high-tech design used for the mattresses.

Select Comfort - Sleep Number


Purple takes a scientific approach to mattress design and uses a Smart Comfort Grid system to provide support while remaining comfortable and cool throughout the night. The company offers a 100-day trial period and 10-year warranty with its mattresses. Phoenix customers say Purple’s mattresses help alleviate back pain and joint aches.



Casper sells multiple mattress styles, with some options available as either a memory foam mattress or hybrid mattress. The company offers a 100-night risk-free trial, a 10-year limited warranty and free shipping and returns. Many Phoenix customers are satisfied with the company’s mattresses, but some people are unhappy with the company’s terms and conditions.

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Nectar provides a 365-night home trial, a forever warranty and free shipping and returns. The company also offers optional white glove delivery and mattress removal services. The company only offers one model of its mattress, but many reviews from Phoenix recommend Nectar’s mattresses for their excellent support comfort.

Nectar Learn More